Moaning about YouTube, Minecraft Architecture, and Persona Cover

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In this episode of the show Yjang and Jeff go on their largest tangent yet about YouTube. Yjang has a week left to make an acoustic cover, stalk him on twitter for details. Jeff is saucing and serving up Minecraft design advice. This time on Dragon Ba- oh wait… Tangent Podcast.

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Ebb & Flow (Tedd Remix) GameChops


Past my Bedtime DJ CUTMAN


Burn my Dread


Break it Down- Persona 5


8-ball Splatoon 2 Remix


Sunset Bridge Persona 5


Life Goes On


Junior Exam Persona 3


Sweet – Persona 5


Animal Crossing 7pm Remix


Deltarune Remix – GameChops




Last Surprise (Persona 5 Remix) -Nitro


SPINDASH 2- Tudd (GameChops)


Splatoon 2 – Color Pulse Chill Remix


Topics & Channels

Gokanaru (H3H3 Rant)

Zelda Chill- Breath of the Wild – GameChops


Zelda Chill – Legend of Zelda (Main Theme Lofi Hip Hop Remix) – GameChops


Zelda Chill – Song of Storms – Game Chops


Emplemon Monday Night RAW




Why YouTube used to prefer Quality-


The Matrix Breakfast Scene


Burn my Dread Links–id_GQUtpuDlZDQ


Martin Castaneda





My Crappy Minecraft Building

Improved Floor



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