Hacks, Hormones, & RPGS

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In this episode of the show Yjang and Jeff talk about the Yjang’s recent hackathon, Jeff watching JoJo with his dad, and recent games they have played. Yjang also goes on to talk about his experience with online role-play, proving hormones do weird things to a boy. All this a much more on Tangent Podcast.


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Stuff We talked about



Nick Speer & Our hackathon



Offtopical Podcast



Steam Proton




Music (in order)

  • Butterfly Kiss

  • Short Rest in Mellow

  • Game

  • New Beginning

  • Rush

  • This is America

  • Wicked Plan

  • Joy

    Living With Determination

  • 3/31

  • Blues in the Velvet Room

  • Sweet

  • Mushroom Hunting

  • Pot City

  • Cat Blues in Other.

  • Whims of Fate

  • Field of Hopes and Dreams

  • Hip Shop

  • The World Revolving

  • Memories of You

  • Darkness


  • Hawaii


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